Designer Gallery

Brooke Shields' SECOND NURSERY

When Wendy worked with Brooke on her 2nd nursery she new she was having a baby girl. "Brooke immediately fell in love with my Vintage Teaberry nursery collection and honey sleigh crib so we went all out with it." From the velvets and ruffles on the crib to the Vintage Teaberry floral and striped baskets that fill the bookcase cubbies this room says girl softly and beautifully.

Kelly Ripa's fairy-tale nursery

For Kelly's daughter Lola, Wendy created a storybook nursery that incorporated her Sir Leapsalot line with a custom mural featuring a fairytale castle. The whimsical nursery design earned her a featured story in the magazine Rosie.

"Kelly fell in love with my Sir Leapsalot design, which was the inspiration for the fairy-tale feeling of the room."

Sara Evans

Sara Evans needed a "big-boy bedroom" design for her first child, while Wendy was also working on Sara's second baby's nursery. Her son Avery loved trains, so she incorporated them into the bedding along with a look that is suitable for a toddler and will be appropriate for years to come.

"Bunk beds are a great space-saving solution, and for three-year-old Avery, they were the perfect way to transition to a bigger-boy room."

Brooke Shields' baby shower

For Brooke1s baby shower, Wendy created a stork topiary upon which white rose petals were individually hand-pinned. The process took about six-hours. The Bear Pram was created using a wire-frame pram form available at through many floral design suppliers and the meadow setting was created by inserting the ivy topiary into a flat of moss.

Brooke Shield's FIRST NURSERY

A classic look inspired by her family treasures made Brooke Shield's daughter Rowan's nursery both cozy and sophisticated. The centerpiece of the room is a lovely window seat with a soft sage toile motif, which plays up the greenery of the surrounding view.

"Brooke wanted the room to be subtly feminine but not too girly. I thought the colors and patterns we chose turned out really great."

Alex Kingston's English Nursery

For actress Alex Kingston, Wendy created a memorable nursery with an English country flair. This picnic-style art table features a continuous roll of paper, and works perfectly with the bulletin and chalkboard set to complete the "little schoolhouse" look.

"I think it’s really important to create a space for children, even at a very young age, to express themselves creatively. I try to work a kid-sized table into all my nursery designs."

Lisa Anne Walter

Twins are twice as much to love, but don't necessarily need twice as much space. For Lisa Anne Walter's twin boys, Wendy created bedding in the calming colors of green, yellow, and blue along with fabrics of a soft, yummy texture.

"I love designing nurseries for twins. While they’ll soon develop their own individual styles, it’s also nice to begin with a bit of simple symmetry."

Terri Polo’s Nursery surprise

Wendy's client Teri Polo had a passion for frogs, so Sir Leapsalot made sense for her son's nursery design. With a built-in door to his very own "Frog Pad." Wendy made this mural—and nursery—leap to life.

"This was a fun finishing touch. I can just picture a child opening and shutting the door, giggling all the while."

Cedric the Entertainer's ARMOIRE

Wendy captured Cedric the Entertainer's playful sense of humor in this whimsical changing table armoire with a custom mural and mobile. The mural continues on both the outside and inside of the armoire, creating a warm and soothing environment for his little girl to be changed.

"Working with Cedric was great because he really allowed me to customize his pieces. I loved the mobile and mural in this functional armoire."