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Before the Baby

Organizing for your sanity

Once I got over my morning sickness at 18 weeks into my pregnancy, I had so much energy. A friend who just had a baby told me that the best advice she could give me was to start preparing now. She said, “It seems like the baby will never come and then all of a sudden the baby's here and then there's no time for anything but the baby.” So, I started “nesting” in a major way, from cleaning out every drawer, closet and the entire garage, to planting flowers at 6:30 in the morning.

Why was I buzzing around so much? I think I was determined to not feel overwhelmed just before my due date. I wanted to know far in advance that I and my home were prepared, so that I could just relax, play, or work during those last few weeks and not have to still be running around organizing and shopping. In those last few weeks, it was a calming feeling to know that my home and I were both ready and waiting for the baby.