Traveling with the baby is much easier if you're well-prepared. Here are some things you might find useful on the go:

car seat

You will need a car seat that accommodates newborns and that meets all U.S. safety standards. Before your baby arrives, learn exactly how to use the car seat and install the base in your car so that it is tethered down. Choose a car seat that has covers that you can easily remove and machine-wash. Also remember that the hospital will need to see your car seat before allowing you to leave with your baby.

car seat saver

Place this item on your seat before installing the baby's car seat. This will help to prevent the car's upholstery from becoming permanently marked.

sleepy wings

These slip onto car seat straps to cradle your baby's little head. Be sure to have these attached to the car seat before you take your baby home from the hospital. Wash them in baby detergent before use. I personally feel that Sleepy Wings hold your baby's head much better than a normal head support in the car seat.

diaper bag

Find something with lots of compartments, so that it's functional not only for baby, but for your things too. You'll need space for all the basics, (diapers, wipes, cream, lotion, etc). But also remember two changes of clothes for newborns, a stroller blanket, individually packaged stain-remover wipes, pacifier with Tombella, toys, feeding items, burp cloths and bibs.

see diaper bags >

black and white rear seat attachment

These are so great for newborns in the car. Much better than staring at a blank seat. I like the washable fabric type best.


There are so many great strollers to choose from to fit almost any need or budget. Here's what to look for in a stroller for a newborn:

  1. Does the seat fully recline and does it move positions easily?
  2. Does it have an easy and safe buckle system?
  3. Does the footrest go up and down easily?
  4. If the footrest is in the up position, is there a net attachment to help keep items in the stroller and baby's feet safe?
  5. Is the stroller a practical weight for you to lift?
  6. Is the open and close mechanism quick and easy to use?
  7. Is the canopy large and adjustable with a zippered portion to let air pass or to view baby?
  8. Does the handle flip so that you can face your baby when he's a newborn or turn the baby away from the sun easily?
  9. Is the storage basket a good size for your needs?
  10. Does the stroller fold to a practical size for your needs?
  11. Is the seat well cushioned?
  12. Can the seat cover be removed and machine–washed easily?
  13. Can other fabric areas be easily spot cleaned?
  14. Does it house a car seat?
  15. Is it easy to maneuver?
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