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Wendy's Birth Stories

Most women I've talked to before my first's birth said it's painful but it's over fairly quickly. A close friend told me it was the easiest thing she ever had to do. After the epidural she was in heaven and only had to push three times and the baby came out.

This was not my reality. After going through it, I feel that it's important to hear about the difficult labors along with the easier labors so that you are more prepared for whatever yours might be like. I had heard so many stories of what a “piece of cake” it is, that I didn't feel prepared with what was happening to my body during labor.

But despite the physical pain, emotional stress, and overall exhaustion, in the end it is most definitely worth it. When you see your child for the first time, you'll feel the biggest sense of fulfillment you've ever felt and immediately love in a way you never knew possible.