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Nursery Philosophy

“My Philosophy on creating the ultimate room for a child is to attain the goal of a calming yet inspiring environment.” Remember that function and practicality are just as important as the look and overall environment that you are trying to create. Also set a realistic budget for yourself and choose items that will grow with your child or that you will be able to use for your next baby. For example, if you choose a crib with painted flowers on it for your little girl, keep in mind you probably won't want to use it for your next baby, if it is a boy. The same goes for your bedding choice. If you choose a unisex bedding design and plan to be able to use it for the second or third baby, be sure it is made to last.

Many parents have sticker shock when they first start shopping for their baby’s room. Some fall so in love with that certain something and end up stretching their budget much farther then they thought they would. I often talk with parents who think nothing of spending $50 on an outfit for their baby which will get worn a handful of times if they're lucky, but are hesitant to spend money on the same child's environment. Remember that a smart item for your child's room will be used every single day for at least two years and can probably be utilized for siblings to come. Keep in mind that making smart choices the first time around can save you money in the long run.

Try to select all pieces with function in mind. For example, choose a glider that's comfy for you and your partner. Remember to have all fabric items slipcovered if possible, for easy machine-washing, which will keep your furniture looking like new. Also keep in mind that you will be spending a lot of time in this chair with your child for many years. I find gliders much easier and more comfortable than rockers.

Remember to not base the nursery decor on over–stimulating items. Bright and giant characters painted on the walls or an explosion of bright flowers over every fabric in the room can be overwhelming. Opt for serene or cute artwork and paint the walls in calming colors. Save the bright colors for toys that can be easily brought out at the appropriate times. It's also best to choose your fabrics first. They will be what anchors the room and keeps it tied together. Remember, a beautiful set of crib linens can make an inexpensive crib look great, but the opposite does not hold true.

Try to incorporate a play table for your baby and store toys and books at baby’s level. A changing dresser with doors at the bottom can be a great easy access spot for your child's favorite items as they learn to crawl and walk. Be sure to arrange for some space next to the changing table for your diaper pail. Measure and plan to make the most out of your nursery's space. If you can fit a twin bed into the design, do it now. It will make your family's time spent in the nursery much more comfortable.

Finally, don’t be afraid to be creative and have fun. Having a baby is a magical time for any family. Create a space where you and your children enjoy spending time together, and it will forever remain a place for precious first memories for them and for you.

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