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From the set of Friends to the nurseries of Hollywood's top moms, Wendy and her products have received much attention from the media. Check back often for the latest articles.

OK Magazine

FROM OK MAGAZINE, December 03, 2007 “Inside Poppy’s Nursery” Designing her dream nursery made Poppy Montgomery feel like a kid again. “I didn't realize how much it would mean to me,” says the actress. “I'm reliving my childhood. It's like I've become a kid again.”

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Fit Pregnancy

FROM FIT PREGNANCY, November 28, 2006 “The Essential Guide”

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FROM PEOPLE, Summer 2006 “10 Tips for the Perfect Nursery” "Try to choose things that will take them into the toddler years and beyond," says L.A. nursery designer Wendy Bellissimo. One example? Skip the changing table by placing a changing pad on the top of a waist-high dresser.

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From People

FROM PEOPLE, May 22 2006 “Goodbye, Baby Blues. Hello, Grier!” Rowan was jumping in the crib saying, ‘This is for Grier!’ says decorator Wendy Bellissimo, who designed the nursery with her own line of furniture.

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From US Weekly

FROM US WEEKLY, May 8 2006 “Oh Baby” For bundle of joy No. 2, Brooke Shields asked designer Wendy Bellissimo to make over a 10-by-12 nook in her Los Angeles home. by Rachel Paula Abrahamson

"With Rowan, Brooke went gender-neutral. But with Grier she said, ‘Get some pink in there!’"

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From Child

FROM CHILD, April 2005 “Experts' Wisdom on Decorating a Nursery” Four of the hottest designers of nursery linens and furnishings are also real-life moms. by Kathy Henderson

"Each time I do a nursery, people tell me they'd like to have every piece I've put in the room–and now they can."

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FROM US WEEKLY, March 2005 “James Denton's Room For Two” Extra enlisted designers Michael Maloney and Wendy Bellissimo to create a nursery for the Dentons' daughter.

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FROM GOOD HOUSEKEEPING, January 2004 “Sweet Dreams!” Shh! An exclusive peek at Brooke Shields's beautiful nursery, for her even more beautiful baby. Last May, Brooke Shields got the role of a lifetime: mommy. After seven in vitro treatments (and, she has confessed, not a little heartache), the actress, 38, and her husband, TV writer Chris Henchy, welcomed daughter Rowan into the world. For such a long-desired baby, only a special nursery would do—and the happy mom knew exactly whom to call.

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FROM ENTREPRENEUR, June 2004 “Crib Notes” With her infant bedding and nursery designs, Wendy Bellissimo ushers in the newest additions with beauty and style. by April Y. Pennington

Vital Stats: Wendy Bellissimo, 37, founder and designer of Wendy Bellissimo Media, Inc. Company: Los Angeles-based nursery designer; has upscale infant bedding and accessories lines Wendy Bellissimo and moderately priced Wendy Bee.

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FROM PEOPLE, June 9, 2003 “Hollywood's Cool Cribs” A-list nursery designer Wendy Bellissimo outfits fanciful rooms for little stars. by Alison Adato and Ulrica Wihlborg

It was two months before her baby was due, and Brooke Shields still hadn't confronted the spare room that would become daughter Rowan's nursery. "I couldn't get around to ever cleaning it out," Shields says. "I couldn't wrap my mind around it." So she followed the lead of other celeb moms-to-be and called Wendy Bellissimo, the preeminent decorator to Hollywood's newborns.

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FROM ROSIE, June 2002 “Sweet Dreams” Designing mama Wendy Bellissimo created this storybook nursery for Kelly Ripa's lucky little one, Lola. Follow her lead and put together a cool crib for your own bambino. by Kieran Juska

A newborn is, let's be honest, just as happy sleeping in a dresser drawer as in a decked-out nursery. But give the kid a couple of months and she'll become aware of her surroundings; it's baby-bedding designer and mother-of-two Wendy Bellissimo's aim to make them as snug as inspiring as can be.

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FROM CHILD, January 2002 “Lessons From a Kid's Decorating Guru” Stars like Cindy Crawford, Camryn Manheim, and Kelly Ripa look to Wendy Bellissimo for beautiful bedding and nursery design. Child visited the designer and her family in Los Angeles. by Kathy Henderson

Wendy Bellissimo finds inspiration in soft, beautiful fabrics. In fact, her fast growing design business for children was born as she flipped through fabric samples meant to be used for adult bedding, her specialty at the time. "I wasn't even a mom yet, but again and again, I found myself telling fabric reps, "This would be so cute for a baby."

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FROM ePREGNANCY, May 2003 “Wendy Bellissimo...Nesting for Three” Wendy Bellissimo, the designer mom behind the top choice in nursery décor, is nesting again. Pregnant with her third daughter, she's bottled her expertise in a new book, Nesting, which offers expecting parents a complete picture of the interaction between design and family.

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